Nigerian Prisons Service Online Payslip & Salary Structure 2022

Nigerian Prisons Service Online Payslip & Salary Structure 2022 – Here is an updated Nigerian Prisons Service Salary Structure and Online Payslip for the current year.

if you wish, you can download the updated salary scale, structure and pay slip of the NPS to learn more of salary and ranks of correctional officers.

This guide contains all you need to know about how Nigerian Prisons Staff are being paid. As the online recruitment is still ongoing, many are already trying to know how their salary structure looks like.

Bear it in mind that the Nigerian Prisons Service Online Payslip is not the same for all the categories. As we can see, there are up to 3 categories listed for recruitment but there are more than 3 ranks that exist in the Nigerian Prisons Service.

For your own benefit, I will list all the categories, their payslip and how to download the online Payslip.

Positions in Nigerian Prisons Service

Controller-General of Prison Service

Deputy Controller Generals

Assistant Generals.

Superintendent Cadre

Inspectorate Cadre

Assistant Inspectorate Cadre

And SO many more

How to Download Nigerian Prions Service Online PaySlip

You can now be able to download the Nigerian Prisons Service Online Payslip from the portal.

For whatever reasons you might need the payslip, we have you covered.

You only need a phone with internet connection and pdf reader to download the pdf file of NPS Payslip.

>>Download Nigerian Prions Service Online Payslip Here<<

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure 2022

The highest salary goes to the controller-general of prisons. But this salary depends on educational qualification.

Just as superintendent cadre is for Master Degree and university degree holders, their salary and pay slip will be higher than those in Assistant Inspectorate cadre.

The Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS) is used to determine their salary structure. It ranges from CONPASS 2 to CONPASS 8.

But the minimum salary of Nigerian Prisons service staff is 50,000 monthly.

How to Apply for Nigerian Prions Service recruitment

If you are interested in joining the Nigerian Prisons service, you will have to follow due process.

Since all the application is done online, get your documents read and visit the online application portal to apply.

To apply, go to >><<

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