Latest News on Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment 2019

Ok, for those aspiring to apply for Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment 2019, here is the latest news about Nigeria prison service recruitment.

If you have applied or waiting to apply, you will need to go through this News to keep you updated.

The Recruitment is currently ongoing and is grouped into categories for both Master’s Degree holders, BSc holders, and O’ Level Holders.

You only need to check the category you can apply for and submit your application using

Now, there has been much news about the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) Recruitment.

From the recruitment portal to the deadline for online registration.

Let’s take them one at a time now. Before sure to read them carefully and get all the latest update on the NPS Recruitment 2019.

News about the Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment

Prisons Recruitment is the latest federal recruitment in Nigeria.

We have made it known that Nigerian Prisons Service will Recruit 6000 Personnel in 2019. This is to help boost manpower.

The Recruitment is currently ongoing, interested persons are advised to visit the recruitment portal and apply.

New About the New Recruitment Portal

It has come to our notice that many are trying to apply for the Nigerian Prisons Service Recruitment without success.

This might be because the website is currently down.

We can recall that the NPS Recruitment Portal went offline some days after the commencement of the recruitment.

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It was restored after some days, if you are trying to access the portal and it’s not loading; know that the site might be offline.

The website going offline is caused by huge traffic hitting the website. The Nigeria prison service website is getting more than 100k visitors daily which slow the site.

The Nigeria Prisons service is doing everything within their reach to restore the site so that applicants can login and register.

Be the first to know when the site is restored by visiting daily.

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